Thursday, June 16, 2011

Surrey with the Fringe on top

So we finished season two of Fringe and we continued to enjoy it although it scored fairly highly on the scoff -ometer. The season finale had the team crossing over to the parallel universe and meeting their opposite numbers. It was fun and lively stuff. The differences between the two Earths were interesting.

For a comics geek it was entertaining to see the subtly different versions of certain classic comic book covers. You can see the parallel universe versions at the bottom of Polite Scott's review page here but note that the text contains spoilers so don't read what's above. Just look at the pretty images and see what Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns became in the other world.

Although it is not the most striking of the images one of the most interesting is the cover for the other version of Crisis on Infinite Earths 7. This was a series all about parallel worlds in the DC comics "Multiverse" so it was an obvious choice for the Fringe creators to include in the framed comic books on the wall of Peter's other apartment.

And now we have to wait for Fringe 3 which is released in September. I've already flogged season 1 and 2 on Amazon marketplace. It is an enjoyable show but it is the X-Files. I may have mentioned that already as well.

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