Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 18 - The show that should not have been rebooted/remade

We talked about the rather fine BBC adaptation of Day of the Triffids back in British Invaders episodes 16 & 17. At the time we discussed the possibility of a remake and how the Triffids would probably be CGI. Well we occasionally get things right and in 2009 along came a remake with a stunning cast of big name actors and CGI Triffids.

And it was ... rubbish.
It was squeezed into two parts. All the stuff about the different models of society was gone. Eddie Izzard played a bad guy with no apparent motivation whatsoever. And it all became just a monster show with terrible, slimy, CGI Triffid tentacles grabbing people.

What a complete waste. Go back and watch the original which is currently £2 cheaper on Amazon as well.

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  1. Agreed. This was a pointless remake but I could say the same for the appalling BBC1 revamp of Survivors... It irritates me when the changes become less superficial and more about modern authors thinking they have a better understanding of the story than the author...