Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 5 - Your favourite show

My favourite show. I am assuming that we can leave Doctor Who out of this question as that is the elephant in the room of British science fiction television. There's been lots of stuff that I have watched for British Invaders. Some of the shows were quite new to me and some were programmes I remembered from my childhood. On the whole I tend to watch the episodes, make my notes for the podcast and then usually sell on the DVDs on Amazon marketplace or eBay. I don't keep many DVDs because of a fairly strict "one in, one out" policy on our shelving space. So in deciding this category I looked for a show that I decided was good enough for me to keep the DVD set.
Jekyll was a rather clever BBC series from 2007 written by Steven Moffat. The central idea was that Robert Louis Stevenson was recounting true events rather than fiction in his book, and that somehow his unique ability, or curse, had been passed on to one of his descendants.

James Nesbitt gave a fantastic performance in the central dual role, but there was also Dennis Lawson, Gina Bellman, Patterson Joseph, Meera Syal and Fenella Wololgar. It even had a cameo from Mark Gatiss playing Robert Louis Stevenson in flashback scenes.

It's a series that I can watch again and is my current favourite British Invaders show.

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  1. It's a great idea with a splendid cast - with one exception: James Nesbitt. I cannot understand how he keeps getting employed as I think he is one of the most over-rated actors in the country. I can normally switch my brain into a gear that will bypass crap actors but, I'm afraid he totally spoiled this for me.