Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 6 - Your worst show

Some shows from childhood can be revisited to rediscover old pleasures, and some shows should be left locked in the vault of memory with the key thrown away. I had fond memories of The Tomorrow People, I know I used to like the characters' trendy attire. Obviously I envied their special powers, who can go through adolescence and not hope that they might have some secret ability that would make them stand out from the crowd. And yes, I know that I stood in the playground with my thumbs tucked behind my belt and imagined I could "jaunt" to anywhere I wanted.

So I was keen to get hold of the box set for British Invaders but Oh, the disappointment. Let me be kind and say simply that The Tomorrow People has not aged well. The 70s fashions, the stories, the special effects and most of all the acting. Actually I'm not sure that I can be all that kind, The Tomorrow People is shockingly bad.

Terrible scripts, robots and creatures made of bits of washing up bottles that wouldn't even have got in to the top three of a Blue Peter competition, and child actors who start out bad and get worse! I confess I wasn't able to watch the whole series. It was too painful - not least because I realised that as a young teenager I had terrible taste!

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  1. I laughed hard at this entry. As you may remember from the old Cadmium2 podcast, we sat through the first four stories and we got tremendous laughs out of them for how shockingly awful they were. The basic idea is sound but, as you rightly point out, it really hasn't stood the test of time...