Monday, September 12, 2011

Your first programme/earliest memory

It's either the Sea Devils or the Autons and I was scared! This puts the time as somewhere in the Jon Pertwee era of the Third Doctor. So it's either blank faced shop-window dummies stepping out onto the street and their hands flipping open to reveal guns;

or it's the slow march of the Sea Devils as they rise from the waves.

I want to say the Sea Devils as they still creep me out but having watched Spearhead from Space recently I suspect that the Autons were first. Either way it was pretty scary stuff. So yes, my earliest memory of British science fiction television is indeed Doctor Who, and the fear factor.

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  1. The 1st show I remember on tv was the 53 coronation.But just after that came a serial called The Quatermass Experiment written by Nigel Kneale ,I can honestly say it was the most frightening prog I had ever seen !Me being 9 years old I had to have my light on all night,every dark corner, shadow ,lurked THE THING !! Never forget that serial.