Sunday, August 26, 2012

Big Finish - Cryptobiosis

A Big Finish bonus release from December 2006 - Cryptobiosis, written by Elliot Thorpe and directed by Gary Russell.

I picked this one up recently because it was in the Big Finish for a Fiver sale. The Doctor and Peri are passengers on board the steamship Lankester travelling from Madagascar to New Orleans in 1907. There's a mysterious woman confined to her cabin by illness, the ship is heading into a perfect storm and, to top it all, there is a murderer on board.

After the complex four part stories I have been listening to recently this single CD adventure seemed rather lightweight and forgettable. It also needed more suspension of disbelief than even Doctor Who normally requires. Characters do things that don't make sense, say things that no-one would say, and the Doctor's refusal to explain what was going on was even more irritating than usual.

The big reveal about the female patient in the wheelchair turns out to be exactly what we thought it was all along and, once revealed, the villain quickly descends from sanity into insane cackling. It is not a terrible story but just not up to the standards of the recent adventures. 2 out of 5 sea legs.

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