Sunday, January 6, 2013

Big Finish - Voyage to the New World

Another Big Finish special release featuring the Sixth Doctor, Jago and Litefoot. Voyage to the New World by Matthew Sweet, directed by Ken Bentley.

The Doctor and his Victorian companions travel to America in 1590 and tackle the mystery of the lost colony at Roanoke. They all get separated in traditional fashion and have to talk their way through angry settlers, native Americans and a strange wasting disease that reduces its victims to wraith like spectres.

I didn't really enjoy Matthew Sweet's story The Magic Mousetrap so I was not sure if this would keep me as entertained as Voyage to Venus. However he has tackled a fascinating true life mystery and managed to give it that distinctive Doctor Who flavour. I liked how he brought in the various facts about the disapperance including the strange word "Croatoan" which was found carved into a tree at the sight of the former colony. He also seems to have a complete grasp of the Jago and Litefoot characters, which is probably not surprising as I gather he has written for their own Big Finish series.

And it is Jago and Litefoot who again steal the show with the remarkable theatrical voices of Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter. They even outshine Colin Baker and I missed them whenever they were "off stage". After these two short adventures I am tempted to dip into the Jago and Litefoot series but I still have a large backlog of Big Finish to get through. Maybe something to buy at Big Finish day 3 when both actors are due to be in attendance.

I am always impressed whenever I hear Matthew Sweet talking about popular culture on the radio and I am glad to say this was a much more enjoyable story from him. It gets the same 4 out of 5 Victorian Frock coats as the other Voyage story. Recommended

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