Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Comic Con Cornucopia

A quick post to upload some more photos from London Super Comic Con. Here is the best Judge Dredd writer there is, John Wagner, signing the 36th birthday issue of 2000AD.

I picked up a slightly battered Avengers issue to get it signed by both Roy Thomas and Neal Adams.

This is an Ampney Crucis cover for 2000AD signed by the writer Ian Edginton, and artist Simon Davis who I spoke with while queuing at Bill Sienkiewicz's table. A very nice chap and I had't realised until I met them how much the characters of Crucis and his butler Cromwell resemble their creators.

And here's a couple from the Thought Bubble convention, held in Leeds last November. David Lloyd signed a V for Vendetta cover from Warrior magazine.

The 2000AD artist Henry Flint on his fantastic Dark Judges cover.

Just two more. Another 2000AD cover from prog 1807 which was the great cross-over issue from last year. As you will see I'm trying to get all the creators to sign this one at some point. There's even a Tharg scribble on there.

And while I was at Thought Bubble I did run into a little trouble with the Law. 'Nuff said.

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