Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Big Finish - Pre-Emptive Revenge

Some quick reviews to catch up with my Big Finish listening. Pre-Emptive Revenge by Jonathan Clements, directed by John Ainsworth.

A Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog team-up! This takes place after the story Judgement Day which ran in 2000AD and the Megazine back in 1992. Dredd and Johnny Alpha are a long way (or time in Alpha's case) from home but before they can be picked up they have to deal with a missile defence system which threatens to destroy Hondo City.

This is a welcome return for Simon Pegg as Johnny Alpha. Once again he is acting opposite Toby Longworth but here playing Dredd instead of playing Alpha's bounty hunting partner Wulf Sternhammer. And this is a much more combative relationship. Dredd and Alpha do not get on and although they are forced to work together they do not get on at all. In fact this story largely consists of the two characters arguing. It is virtually a two hander with just one other actor in a minor role. And it all passes by fairly quickly without leaving much of an impact. It's a shame really to have two great voice actors and just have them shouting at each other for 50 minutes. Obviously the writer couldn't do much with the established continuity of Judgement Day and the comic storyline but the result is the feels rather inconsequential.

Still Pegg and Longworth are fun to listen to and it made the time fly by on a long bike ride I was doing recently. 3 out of 5 electronux defibrillators. Onwards!

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