Friday, February 7, 2014

Total Eclipse of Gerhart

After discussing Dredd's head injury in Prog 1866 Proudhuff on the 2000AD forums suggested I comment on the next issue and the injury sustained by SJS Judge Gerhart.

Ouch! That's going to leave a mark. As he says in the next panel Gerhart suffered major injuries back in Prog 1836 when he got in front of a missile that was heading for Judge Dredd. He's clearly half robot now and presumably can manage without half of his abdomen and a big chunk of his head and neck.

Here is the original injury he sustained.

First of all that abdominal injury does not look survivable to me but it's the future so they can turn him into a robot. Secondly his head and neck are intact there so I'm still not sure how he is managing to walk around on Titan with his head half hanging off. Either way Gerhart is clearly one tough cookie, which might make him Half-Man, Half-Biscuit?

Presumably Gerhart's bionics are also what allows him to survive on the surface of Titan with a broken helmet. No doubt this also meant he didn't need to breath underwater when the convicts flooded the airlock. But this raises a question of how he can manage without the facial alterations that the inmates apparently need. I guess his innards are all cybernetic now.

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  1. Gerhart. Part man. Part machine. All Judge.