Friday, March 21, 2014

Zarjaz 20

Hot off the press is the latest Zarjaz produced by the fine folks over at the Quaequam Blog. If you've not discovered Zarjaz yet this is one of several non-profit fanzines created by 2000AD fans filled with short black and white stories from the 2000AD universe. And it is fantastic.

I'm not going to go into details on the content but there's some Dredd, a Bad Company story, Mongrol from ABC Warriors, a Downlode tale, and even MACH-1. Let's name check all of the creators: Shaun Avery, Tom Bonin, David Broughton, George Coleman, Umar Ditta, Matt Herbert, Mark Hobby, Mark Howard, James Newell, Tom Proudfoot, Karl Stock and Nathan Webb. It's all edited by Dave Evans and Richmond Clements and it features a beautiful wraparound Bad Company cover by Mick Cassidy.

Everyone involved should feel proud of themselves for actually getting involved and creating something as good as this, and then having the guts to put it out into a world where, let's be honest, we can be a bit snarky. Sure it may not quite be up to the standards that we expect from Tharg's droids in the Prog, but it's not that far off and it's certainly leaps and bounds ahead of anything most of us could do.

If you're at a comic convention be sure to stop by their table and pick up the latest copy, or visit quaequamblog, hand over your £3 and help these guys cover their costs. Nice job to Peeps and all the team at Zarjaz. A double thumbs up from me.

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