Friday, May 23, 2014

2000AD - Prog 1881

Cover by Glenn Fabry and Kevin Molen. I'm not sure why the image required Dredd to be kneeling, his knee pad looks weird to me. The shooters in their day of the dead outfits are suitably nasty but the colours look a little muddy.

Judge Dredd: Shooters Night part 3 by John Wagner, John McCrea, Chris Blythe and Annie Parkhouse
No credits card on this week's instalment but I assume the line up is the same. We find out whose door Dredd turned up at in the final panel last week and the detective work continues as the Judges track down the rest of the gang. The page where Dredd takes down the suicide bomber is very effective with some nice story telling from McCrea as the panels zoom in on the hand with the detonator. Interesting to note that Dredd seems to be sporting some Burdis like chin growth at the moment.

Outlier part 8 by T.C.Eglington, Karl Richardson and Annie Parkhouse
Richardson gives us a nice two page splash of Caul's destructive power but it still begs the question as to how he can possibly be stopped. Ramona turns out to be an even nastier piece of work than previously shown and I presume this can only end with Caul killing everyone and then disappearing off in to space. I still like the art and colouring but I'm ready for the conclusion now.

Indigo Prime: Perfect Day part 2 by John Smith, Lee Carter and Simon Bowland.
I bet there are all sorts of in-jokes and references on the multiple screens Danny is watching. I see Bagpuss, Ron Burgundy and The Dark Knight Returns cover but I'm sure there is much more there. Meanwhile the set up to the main story continues and we focus on Danny and Unthur as they meet their Nazi client. Lee Carter's artwork is just fantastic but I'm still not sure what this is going to be about. Stay tuned.

Tharg's 3rillers: Colony part 2 by Kek-W, Vince Locke, Adam Brown and Ellie De Ville
The infectious nature of the red stuff comes as no big surprise and this week we get a reference to John Carpenter's The Thing with the crazed guy locked in the hut. Probably the best moment is when he likens the invaders to Imperialists from outer space but apart from that it's still not doing much for me. Wraps up next week with a big fireball on the horizon.

Slaine: A simple killing part 8 by Pat Mills, Simon Davis and Ellie De Ville
Six lovely painted pages from Davis who is getting better every week. I presume the reveal of the villain's parentage is significant but it I figured he was involved somewhere along the line. Great last page this week, I wonder what gets chopped off next time?

Pick of the Prog is Indigo Prime which wins on looks alone for now.

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