Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Megazine 348

Cover by Glenn Fabry and Ryan Brown. Fabry's cover for last week's Prog was a bit muddy for me but this is more like the business. The detail on Hard H is great and shattered Dredd looks all in. Maybe the difference is Brown's colours. Anyway a top cover, best of the year so far.

Judge Dredd: Rad to the Bone part 2 by T.C.Eglington, Boo Cook and Annie Parkhouse.
While the Asian American version of Hershey contemplates a city without Dredd the great man himself is in dire straits in the arena of death. Meanwhile a Bond supervillain explains to the crime lords how Mega City One is theirs for the taking and gets rid of the dissenting voice in the usual fashion.

I'll say it again but the amount of damage to Dredd's helmet tells me he shouldn't be able to put up much of a fight in the arena. He's tough but really? And the crime lords meeting has been done so often, why not throw something different in there? At least rescue is on it's way, well sort of.

I haven't read the Mark Buckingham interview yet but there are a couple of lovely images in there.

Tales from the Black Museum: And Death must die by David Baillie, Jake Lynch and Ellie De Ville
A dark tale set during Necropolis and depicted in suitably dark black and whites. A notorious murderer meets the ultimate serial killer with a fairly predictable result. It's a bit too obvious and the art is too dark for me. This is the Meg's dud this month.

The Man from the Ministry by Gordon Rennie, Kev Hopgood and Simon Bowland.
Now here's some black and white art that really works for me. Rennie and Hopgood deliver a spectacular opening episode with lots of nice references to to Nigel Kneale and Reginald Tate, the writer and actor who brought Professor Bernard Quatermass and the British rocket group to life. Plus there's a Lovecraftian creepy in the shed and a Dan Dare like returning astronaut. I just love all these references to classic Brit sci-fi. A great first issue and star of the Meg so far.

2000AD Sci-Fi summer special. I love everything about this. I love the fact that it's giving some new creators their first outings with some classic characters. I love that it will be on my iPad within the next week or so. And I love the cover, there I said it. James Biggie's abstract expressionistic head shots looks great to my eyes. Can't wait.

Haven't read the text story yet. Meanwhile the Wagner Flint Chaos Day memorial story looks intriguing but mustn't make any phallic imagery references.

Anderson: Dead End part 6 by Alan Grant, Mike Dowling and Simon Bowland.
More Psi Judges tip over the edge while Dredd and Anderson get closer to their perp until they run into a twisted fire starter. Dredd is left to go solo while Anderson abandons ship to confront her psychic enemy. It's a fairly straight procedural episode without the psychological hit that the earlier parts had. Good stuff but not as great as it was.

The ad for the comics Unmasked exhibition at the British Library reminds me that I must get down there for that, and then I'm not reading anything by Grant Morrison and Mark Millar so Psi Judge Janus hits the trash pile.

Three quality stories this month with The Man from the Ministry winning top honours. Now bring on the Summer special and that cover.

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