Saturday, July 12, 2014

2000AD - Prog 1887

A gruesome cover by Nick Percival as Dredd feels the pain in the rain. Last year's top 2000AD cover featured zombies. I wonder whether this can do the same this year although Percival's earlier cover for 1883 might still be his best.

Judge Dredd: Trauma Town by Michael Carroll, Nick Percival and Annie Parkhouse.
Trauma Town wraps up with Lewis and Dredd finding the cause of the psychic mayhem that has plagued the city and Dredd fixes the problem with his standard response of a bullet to the brain pan, squish. I'd like to see Michael Carroll given some longer Dredd stories to do fairly soon as I don't think this matched the story he told with the missing cadets in the Day of Chaos: Fallout trade. However Nick Percival's art has been the stand out feature throughout and different from anything we have seen recently. Great stuff.

Time Twisters: Burping Hitler by Rob Williams, Simon Gurr and Ellie De Ville
Everyone loves a time travel story with Hitler in it, don't they. It's not like we haven't seen this idea for about three or four issues. I like Rob Williams' witty stories but found this one a bit dull and the black and white art was OK but nothing to get me excited. I am fed up with time travel and Hitler to be honest.

Indigo Prime: Perfect Day part eight by John Smith, Lee Carter and Simon Bowland
Another time travelling Nazi and this one replaces Jesus Christ with Cthulhu. Interesting choice. Mariah gives us a hint on the first page with the characteristic "Tekeli-Li" cry of Lovecraft's Shoggoth creatures. Once the crucifixion goes all tentacular then history unspools in significantly different ways. You have to hand it to Smith and Carter for giving us full bore madness but my lack of background knowledge on Indigo Prime leaves me baffled.

Grey Area: Nearer my God to thee part four by Dan Abnett, Mark Harrison and Annie Parkhouse.
The ETC crew do a lot of verbal exposition to explain the stakes as their ship approaches the God craft. This one looks stunning but it feels like some stuff that Abnett had to get out of the way before the final level boss battle. Let's see what next week can do.

Pick of the Prog is obviously Dredd in Trauma Town but Mark Harrison's Grey Area art is right up there. And now the boards are clear for three or four new stories next prog. Bring them on, Mr Tharg.

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