Friday, January 1, 2016

Stay on target

2015 was going so well until my father's slow decline from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease was suddenly overtaken by a gastrointestinal bleed and he slipped away from us with family sitting around the bed telling him they loved him on September 29th. You can read a little bit about his remarkable life (because they are all remarkable lives) here.

Then there was the funeral and some more family unpleasentness but it's time to put the blog back on the front burner. Dad loved a science fiction story so I'll fill some space with some of my unpublished 2000AD stories, and also tell you about my favourite books of 2015, the ones I would have discussed with my Da if he were still around to cut through my crap with his usual Irish charm.

Strap in for a minor eruption of January posts.


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