Sunday, March 13, 2011

British Invaders

I do a podcast called British Invaders which is all about science fiction TV that first aired here in the UK. A few years ago I got involved in a little discussion about the subject in the voicemail section of the Slice of Scifi podcast. A chap called Brian Doob from Canada suggested that this would make a good topic for a podcast and a little while later he started producing British Invaders episodes. At first he did these with a chap called Xander from London but after a while Xander had to drop out due to other commitments and Brian asked me if I would help out for a while.

Well that was 3 years ago and we have been putting out shows on a monthly basis ever since. During that time we have covered some of the biggies of British science fiction TV such as Survivors, the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, UFO and Doctor Who (of course); but we've also covered some more obscure gems like the Nightmare Man, Children of the Stones and Nigel Kneale's 1984 (of which more later).

Brian and I work out what we're going to watch then get hold of the show or as much of it that survives, which can be a bit of a struggle in some cases. We work out a rough outline of what we are going to talk about and then once a month we have a 3 hour Skype chat during which we record the show. Then Brian does all the technical wizardry of editing the recordings and adding music and some clips from the show we have watched and then putting the podcasts out every fortnight. We normally split each discussion over 2 shows.

It's a fun project which has led me to rediscover many of the shows I remember from my childhood. I think we do a pretty good job in our discussions and it's nice to find that there are people out there downloading the shows who share similar feelings about this corner of geekdom.

Please check us out if you can. All the podcast are free to download from our site at We also have a facebook group. And you can subscribe through iTunes here.

Thanks for listening

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