Friday, April 15, 2016

Mega City Book Club - books list

Getting the book cover images to line up is driving me more and making me wish I had chosen wordpress instead of blogger.
The best place to find the current book list is on the facebook group.
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In the meantime here's some text instead of pictures.

The list of books and episodes so far

1: Dan Dare vol 1 with Simon Belmont
2. The Complete America with Pete Wells
3. The Cursed Earth (Titan editions) with Jim Moon
4. Devlin Waugh: Swimming in Blood with Tony Richards

Books to come in no particular order:

Button Man: Get Harry Ex with Pete Wells
GoldTiger with Simon Belmont
D.R, & Quinch with Adam Murdough
Zenith Phase 1 with David
Dredd:Origins with Oliver English
Satan's Island
The Apocalypse War with Jim Moon
Alan Moore's Future Shocks with Brett Summers
Scarlet Traces With Scowlin Munkeh
Nemesis Book 1 with Richard McAuliffe
The Ballad of Halo Jones with Sheridan Kelly and Rachel Bullmore
Mandroid with Steve Green
The Pit with Stacey Whittle
Chopper: Song of the Surfer with Seelnelg Vader
Rogue Trooper vol 1 with Chris J Thompson

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mega City Book Club

I've changed the title of this blog because I'm hoping to start a podcast of the same name soon. The idea is to review collected editions of 2000AD stories with a revolving panel of guest hosts. If I get this off the ground the podcast episodes will be posted here as well as appearing in iTunes and all the usual pod places.

If you would be interested in being on the podcast with me then please get in touch. All you will need is Skype, a microphone and headset, and a 2000AD book that you want to discuss. Email me eamonn1961 or contact me through the podcast Twitter feed @MCBCpodcast.

Splundig vur thrigg.