Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Pod People are here

A quick listing of some podcasts I listen to.

Fighting Talk and the Mayo & Kermode film reviews, both from Radio 5 live were my gateway drug to podcasting. Fighting Talk continues to be hilarious, especially since Colin Murray took over the presenting. Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode are starting to bore me a bit with their endless bickering.

The Slice of SciFi podcast got me into British Invaders although I don't listen to Slice any more. I do listen to and enjoy The Time Vault's continuing journey through all of Doctor Who plus Hammer horror and The Avengers.

Comic Geek Speak and Waiting for the Trade cover my comic book needs. And the ladies at the Little Finish podcast keep me up to date with the Big Finish audio dramas that I don't listen to.

Radiolab defies categorisation other than to say it's a great science based podcast with terrific production and a huge audience.

I've recently started listening to the Science Fiction Book Review podcast where one guy basically rants about the books he reads. I've just cherry picked his reviews for books I have actually read myself and usually enjoy his rantings.

Alan Davies and pals are just as hilarious as Fighting Talk on the subject of their beloved Arsenal ( a sort of side interest for me)

Dave Gorman and Adam and Joe are the two best radio comedy shows that I regularly listen to.

And that's about it, although that's plenty. I would of course say that the best of the bunch is British Invaders!

Plus that you should check out our fine friends at the Geek Culture Network.

And those Pod people? Well of course they are from Jack Finney's novel The Body Snatchers which has been made into at least 4 different films all with different cultural interpretations of what the invaders represent.

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