Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 10 - The show you don’t get but everybody else seems to love

Another dangerous confession. I don't get Torchwood. I know it's great to have a spin off from Doctor Who that's so successful. And the characters of Captain Jack and Gwen Cooper are interesting. But I've never really got into the show. The only season I liked was Children of Earth which had creepy villains and a shocker of an ending.

I started watching Miracle Day and gave it five episodes and I was bored. Then when I found out that was only the half way point I just chucked it in. I've got other better stuff to be watching.

Somebody had better explain it to me, I just don't get Torchwood.

By the way I'm pretty sure I've got an early 80s electro-pop album with that band on the cover.

1 comment:

  1. You're not alone. I don't get Torchwood either. They took a fun Doctor Who character, drained him off all his humour and likeability and dumped him within a group of spiteful, unpleasant people who swear and shag. Then they turned him into a child-killer.

    I didn't even bother with Miracle Day and, by all accounts, that was the right decision.