Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 9 - The most underrated show

Tricky one today. The problem is that most of the shows I think are great, so does everyone else. I've looked back at the 50 different shows we have covered on British Invaders so far and tried to pick out something that didn't get a lot of attention, had a short run and really could have sustained more episodes. Eleventh Hour with Patrick Stewart and Ashley Jensen only got 4 episodes. It did go on to get a longer American remake version but that wasn't great. The original was the nearest thing we had to a new version of Quatermass. I'd like to see some more but the two leads are probably too busy doing other bigger things.

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  1. Do you follow Stephen Gallagher's twitter and/or blog? He'd be chuffed you enjoyed it :) I liked the UK version too and thought the US version had a lot of promise but, like a lot of US shows, it didn't really get the chance to develop.