Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big Finish - Home Truths

This is a story from the Big Finish Companion Chronicles series. Home Truths, written by Simon Guerrier, directed by Lisa Bowerman, and starring Jean Marsh and Niall MacGregor.

Sara Kingdom met the First Doctor, but Sara Kingdom is dead. How can she be in a house in the Cambridgeshire Fens, sitting by the fire and telling a sort of ghost story to a visiting police officer?

The Companion Chronicles allow Big Finish to tell stories about all the different people who have travelled with the Doctor over the years. They tend to be shorter, single CD stories which don't feature the Doctor himself. Again this particular story was a recommendation from Brian from Canada who knows that I like a good ghost story, and this one has the added bonus that it is set in Ely where I live.

It is basically a two-hander with Sara Kingdom telling the story of how she, Steven and the First Doctor came to visit the strange house and the mystery they found there. By the end of the tale we will learn what the Home Truths of the title means. It is a cracking little ghost story with fine work by Marsh and MacGregor. It was also nice to hear them talking with director Lisa Bowerman and producer David Richardson in an extra track at the end. I know that some Big Finish listeners like to get the script or separate music tracks as CD extras, but I really enjoy the cast and crew interviews when they appear.

I can't say much more about Home Truths without giving too much away. It is not going to divert me away from the main Big Finish range where, thanks to a recent spending spree, I now have about 20 stories waiting for me to download. However I am going to give it a very impressive 4 out of 5 space security sashes.

Stay tuned for more Big Finish very soon.

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