Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big Finish - A quick review

I have gone from being an occasional Big Finish listener to becoming somewhat of an addict.

Looking back at this blog shows that I have now reviewed 36 different titles. The average review score is hovering around 3.5. I have given three different stories the lowest score so far of 2.5, and just one story has got the full 5 star rating.

Looking at the downloads folder on my Big Finish accounts page shows a whopping 23 titles waiting for me to listen to, and that doesn't include future releases that I have subscribed to but have not been released yet. That is a lot of content to get through and lots of reviews to come.

I still plan to try and keep up with my complete James Bond read through, as well as finishing my Alien marathon, watching all of the Superman movies before next year's release of The Man of Steel, reviewing more medicine from the pages of 2000AD, and getting back to talking about some comics. That is quite a wide scope for one blog but I am trying to avoid these pages becoming about just one subject.

If you have listened to any of the Big Finish stories I have reviewed I would be fascinated to read your own reviews. Please send me links or put something in the comments box here. In the meantime thank you for your attention and stay tuned for more.

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