Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Big Finish gives you extra

One of the things I am really enjoying about my current Big Finish marathon is listening to the extended extras. The CD releases usually have a bonus track at the end of each CD, the first is the music composed for the story and the second is interviews with the cast and crew. But if you buy the CD or download as part of a subscription from the Big Finish site then you can also download an extended version of the interview track which is usually about 30 minutes long, and it is well worthwhile.

It is great to hear from the actors but somehow even more interesting to listen to the writers, directors, producers and, on occasions, some of the the technical wizards. I now look forward to these interviews almost as much as I do the stories themselves.

I gather from my British Invaders co-host, Brian from Canada, that the extras were one of the features that Nicholas Briggs introduced as executive producer. As far as I can tell the extended extras became a feature with release number 121 Enemy of the Daleks in May 2009 and I'll be getting round to that story soon (Yes, I have ordered another 12 CDs!). I will report back on those interviews when I get there.

When Brian and I met Nicholas Briggs at Big Finish day we had the opportunity to record a brief interview with him which you can listen to here. He signed off the interview with one of Big Finish's tag lines: "Subscribers get more at", and indeed they do.


  1. And of course the PDF scripts for the main range, Christmas free story...

    1. Good point. There are the scripts to download and, as you say, the subscribers' Christmas bonus releases.