Sunday, September 16, 2012

Big Finish - The Raincloud Man

Big Finish 116 - The Raincloud Man by Eddie Robson, directed by Nicholas Briggs.

This is a sort of sequel to an earlier story The Condemned which I have not yet heard. The Doctor and Charley return to Manchester and help the no nonsense D.I. Menzies solve a series of baffling murders. While the mysteries pile up the Doctor is obsessed by a pound coin that seems to have travelled back in time from 2012 to 2005.

If I can't have a ghost story then a good murder mystery will do nicely. And this has a splendid performance by Anna Ford as the tough police detective who, through her previous contact with the Doctor, has become used to cases with a certain degree of alien involvement. In fact I enjoyed her and Charley as an unlikely detective duo so much that I could have done with more of their investigations of the strange string of events that follow the unfortunate Raincloud man around. The other stuff about a floating casino ship and some warring aliens was rather less interesting but was probably necessary to drive the story on, and keep to the four act structure.

The mystery of Charley's timeline and the Doctor's memory deepens, and hopefully will be explained in the other dramas I have queued up on my iPod. 3 out of 5 time travelling coins for this one and on to The Magic Mousetrap.

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