Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Big Finish - The Big Shot

From July 2002 comes The Big Shot by David Bishop, directed by Ken Ainsworth.

A foppish Brit-Cit film director arrives in Mega-City One for a retrospective of his work, but there are rumours of a big money contract on him and a legendary assassin who may have arrived to gun him down. Much to his irritation Dredd is assigned to the protect the target by Chief Judge Hershey and Mega-City mayhem ensues! Interestingly the exchanges between Dredd and Hershey are very similar to those being played out in the pages of 2000AD right now.

I have heard this 2000AD audio drama before and knew what was coming. The twist is fairly easy to spot but it doesn't stop this from being another enjoyable short story in the Judge Dredd universe. Toby Longworth is even better as Dredd than he is as Wulf in the Strontium Dog stories. I was less convinced by the character of Judge Amy Steel who is, as far as I know, a Big Finish creation and does not appear in the comics. She doesn't sound tough enough to be a Mega-City Judge but maybe David Bishop decided we needed a more human character to introduce us to this violent world, in much the same way as Alex Garland does with Anderson in the Dredd 3D movie.

It's a quickie story and gets a quickie review. 3 out of 5 legal eagles for The Big Shot. Now back to Doctor Who and The Company of Friends.

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