Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Big Finish - Fire from Heaven

Another 2000AD adventure from Big Finish - Fire from Heaven by Jonathan Clements, directed by Nicholas Briggs.

Johnny Alpha, Wulf and Middenface McNulty are on the trail of fugitive conman Oswald Mega, who is passing himself off as a prophet on a backwater planet. The bounty hunters are on their way but Mega has persuaded the locals that they are demons who must be destroyed at all costs.

I recorded this story from the BBC site using freecorder (ahem) and was glad to hear it again. There is some clever stuff involving time travel as a form of teleportation. Plus there are various bits of Strontium Dog kit which work with varying degrees of success, and the Gronk is in it, which is always fun. Pegg and Longworth are good as Alpha and Wulf but it's Mark McDonnell as McNulty who is the stand out in this adventure. Middenface McNulty has always been one of the more entertaining characters in the comics and his feisty Scottish humour comes out very well here with McDonnell giving a great performance.

Probably the best of the 2000AD adventures so far and you get listen to it for free at the BBC!

4 out of 5 Electronux and on to some more Judge Dredd.

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