Monday, January 21, 2013

Big Finish - I Love Judge Dredd

Let me fit in a quickie review before getting to Unit: Dominion.
I Love Judge Dredd by Jonathan Morris, directed by Jonathan Clements.

The synopsis is that Dredd has reluctantly agreed to be followed around for 24 hours by a TV journalist and then interviewed on his chat show. Dredd deals with a number of cases and it is not too much of a surprise when we learn that they may be connected in some strange way.

Toby Longworth is again excellent as Dredd and Nicholas Briggs has great fun as the sleazy TV host Tark Pastry. The production cracks along quickly, and the music and sound design are great.

The big problem is that one of the cases involves a former disc jockey and television celebrity who lives with his mother, the "Duchess", and has a particular way of speaking. That was probably quite funny when this was released in 2002, but now in the light of the revelations about Jimmy Saville it is all a bit unfortunate, and it rather casts a shadow over this story.

It is a shame that an otherwise good Big Finish audio play has been soured by recent events but that's the news cycle for you. Probably best to give this one a miss for a while. Normally this would get about a 3.5 but only 2 out of 5 boot knives currently. You can still listen to this one for free at the BBC website, until they realise and take it down as part of their current climate of guilt and retribution.

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