Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Big Finish - Vienna: the Memory Box

A new release from Big Finish - The Memory Box, featuring Chase Masterson as Vienna Salvatori. Written by Jonathan Morris and directed by Ken Bentley.

This is a spin off from the Doctor Who story The Shadow Heart featuring the impossibly glamorous bounty hunter Vienna. Someone has killed one of the richest men in the galaxy and the twists and turns revealing who did it and how lead to a fast and furious planet-hopping chase.

This is a good science fiction story with deliberate nods to the works of Philip K Dick. The central idea that someone can lock away parts of their memory and only recover them when they hear a certain key phrase is an interesting one and allows for several reveals as the plot thickens. And at the heart of it all is the ruthless and determined character of Salvatori played with considerable relish and panache by Masterson. She may seem a little over the top at times but it is a great radio performance and she certainly carries the story along with gusto. The whole thing reminded me of the sort of adventure that was possible in the role-playing game Traveller.

Th rest of the small cast were also very enjoyable and it was nice to hear Torchwood's PC Andy cropping up to play a supporting role. As this is a smaller production for Big Finish it is perhaps a bit too easy to spot the baddie but it was still great fun. The theme music by Jamie Robertson is also very good and hopefully we will hear more of it in the future.

The Memory Box is certainly better than a lot of the radio plays I hear on Radio 4 Extra. Maybe it will got an airing there at some point. At the moment it is only £5 on the Big Finish site and it gets 5 stars from me. Let's hope we can have some more Vienna soon.

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