Monday, May 27, 2013

Big Finish - The Tangled Skein

A recent Big Finish sale let me pick up a copy of another of their fine Sherlock Holmes range. The Tangled Skein by David Stuart Davies - Adapted by Richard Dinnick, directed by Nicholas Briggs & Ken Bentley.

After listening to Holmes take on the Ripper this time the great detective is up against a famous fictional villain, none other than Dracula himself. After an attempt on Homes' life he and Watson are soon hot on the trail of the menace to Victorian society. They join forces with Professor Van Helsing as the realisation of what they are up against begins to take hold.

This story rattled along at a fine pace and although it didn't quite capture the heights of Hound of the Baskervilles or The Perfidious Mariner it at least put Holmes and Watson back into their original characters and allowed Briggs and Earl to deliver their usual fine performances. There is more detection and more bravery on display than in the Ripper tale and I felt much more at home with this story. My only complaint would be that it was all over and done with a bit too quickly for my liking (like this review).

Still it's another fine addition to what is currently my favourite Big Finish line and I eagerly await their third series of Holmes stories which should appear later this year. Baskervilles and the Mariner both got a full 5 stars, this is not quite as good but still gets a thrilling 4 out of 5 earth filled coffins. Gripping stuff.

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