Sunday, June 2, 2013

Big Finish - Judge Dredd: War Planet

Judge Dredd War Planet by Dave Stone, directed by Gary Russell.

Dredd is sent off world again, this time on the trail of the fugitive criminal Efil Drago San, played with villainous relish by Stephen Grief who was the first Travis in Blake's 7. Finding him turns out to be easy, it's keeping him in custody while treading through the murky diplomatic waters of a former Earth colony that proves difficult. And this brings Dredd and Psi Judge Karyn up against the initially charming Lady Shamtrie played by Charley Pollard herself, India Fisher.

This one was short and not terribly convincing. As ever the writer tries to find ways to put Dredd in trouble without access to his gun or bike. It works OK for a while but when it gets to the final solution I was just left wondering why didn't they try that from the start. Toby Longworth provides a great voice for Dredd but his character is all over the place depending on who is writing him. This was a very passive Dredd who just accepted the stuff that was happening to him. Not much of a go-getter.

A shortish feeling 60 minutes that ties up some loose ends from earlier in the series. A dull 2 out of 5 failed psychic readings. Next up is Jihad.

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