Sunday, February 2, 2014

Big Finish - Antidote to Oblivion

Antidote to Oblivion is the first release of the year from the Big Finish monthly range. Written by Philip Martin and directed by Nicholas Briggs.

The Sixth Doctor and Flip respond to a distress signal from another Time Lord and find themselves in a future London where big business rules the day, and scientists are researching the end to all infections. That's never going to end well in science fiction, is it?

Once again my lack of knowledge of the Colin Baker years on television lets me down. I'm not familiar with the slug like villain Sil so his reappearance here played with sibilant relish by Nabil Shaban didn't really mean much to me. He's just one more bad guy, and not one that seems to provide much opposition for the Doctor. In particular there were none of those clash of wills dialogues that I like.

The production is fine with some of the music being very good but it was another average story for me. I'm not yet convinced by Lisa Greenwood's Flip and Colin Baker seemed to be overdoing his actor's articulation a bit in places.

Ho hum I'm afraid. 2.5 out of 5 abandoned underground stations. Time for some Sherlock Holmes instead.

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