Friday, February 21, 2014

Big Finish - The Reification of Hans Gerber

The Reification of Hans Gerber is another Big Finish original Holmes story. Written by George Mann and directed by Nicholas Briggs and Ken Bentley.

Holmes and Watson are called in to investigate the strange death of Sir Theobald Maugham and the complications of his inheritance. Family members are desperate to find his missing will but Holmes and Watson believe that his death was not from natural causes.

Now this was much more like it. The best Holmes stories that Big Finish have done recently are their own creations and this is nearly up to the same high standards of the Adventure of the Perfidious Mariner and the Ordeals of Sherlock Holmes. I'm pleased to report that it has all of Holmes' usual miraculous deductions, Dr Watson gets to examine a body and use his medical skills, and the murder mystery is satisfying with enough clues for us to think we might have a chance of solving it ourselves.

Nicholas Briggs outdoes himself as Holmes and the rest of the cast are fantastic including everybody's favourite Sontaran, Dan Starkey. The production and direction are great and once again the marvellous violin music is just splendid. 4 out of 5 magnifying glasses. Sadly it may be another year or more before we get more Sherlock Holmes from Big Finish.

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