Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Picture Post

A quick whiz through some convention pictures from last year.

This is legendary Judge Dredd artist Ron Smith signing two of his 2000AD covers for me at last year's Free Comic Book Day event at Forbidden Planet in London.

Here's Neil Gaiman in Ely cathedral signing a sketch of his character Delirium which was done by the artist D'Israeli.

At the first Lakeland international comic art festival last October I met the V for Vendetta artist David Lloyd who did a rather nice sketch for me.

And at the same event I had the great pleasure of not only meeting the creators of Judge Dredd, John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra, I even got to buy them a pint! Here's Mr Wagner signing a rather nice print of their famous characters.

 And Carlos with a quick Johnny Alpha head sketch he did for my brother.

Finally to last November's Thought Bubble where Henry Flint signed my one and only original comics page from his very first Judge Dredd story.

And the demon draughtsman D'Israeli produced a nice Dirty Frank drawing for me.

Aren't conventions a bit of fun in a busy, stressful world? It's the London Super Comic-Con in a few weeks and I can hardly wait.

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