Saturday, January 24, 2015

Predator - Mud sticks

Time for a Predator marathon, three films on blu-ray for a fiver, I couldn't resist. It's 1987 and everybody is very buff indeed. We now think of Top Gun as the most homo-erotic 1980s movie but this runs it a strong second.

Things I'd forgotten include the arrival of the Predator's spaceship right at the start, and the rather dodgy heat vision of the big beastie. But it has to have poor vision otherwise smearing Arnold in mud wouldn't work. And Mr Schwarzenegger does get the crap beaten out of him in this film. It's clear that the Predator is more than a match for him, and for the rest of Dutch Schultz's muscle-bound rescue squad.

Quite how they managed to film all this stuff in the jungle is beyond me. I imagine this was a difficult and unpleasant shoot, especially for the guy in the monster suit who couldn't see what he was doing most of the time. Interestingly Jean-Claude Van Damme was originally set to play the Predator which would have made him quite a short alien who presumably would have done the splits at some point for no apparent reason.

It's classic Arnie from the 80s with guns, lots of guns. It wasn't a huge success on first release but over the years has firmly established itself as a fan favourite. 4 out of 5 Predator wrist computers from me and now to get to the chopper and then into a shower to get rid of all the mud.

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