Sunday, September 4, 2016

2000AD Notebook charity project

I've had a couple of questions about the 2000AD notebook project I'm currently doing for charity so here's what we've got so far.

The notebook and pen were this year's 2000AD subscribers' free gifts. The paper is a bit thin to use it as a sketchbook so I thought I would collect as many 2000AD Droids' signatures as I could and maybe ask them to do a quick Dredd head doodle if they had time. As you will see some of them did far more than a doodle, I told writers that they could just do a speech bubble although some of them bravely attempted a head sketch. You will also see that my clever idea of getting John Wagner to do a speech bubble coming out of the Mick McMahon sketch unfortunately buggered up the David Roach page because John used a sharpie instead of a pencil. My bad.

So far 40 creators have signed the book including Brian Bolland on his cover image. All of the creators did their sketches for free when I told them it was a charity project and I'm enormously grateful for their generosity.

You can find the a Photobucket of all the sketches and signatures so far by clicking here. The notebook will be travelling to another 2000AD signing next month and to Thought Bubble in November as well. After that it will go up on eBay as a 100% for Cancer Research UK charity auction with free P&P from me. Watch the 2000AD forums classified page for details or follow @MCBCpodcast on Twitter.

Here's the list of the signatures so far, the pictures in the photobucket are in reverse order:

I also have a more formal 2000AD sketchbook project which I'll post details of later. That has another 10 pages to fill so will probably be up for auction next year.

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