Saturday, November 26, 2011

Target Acquired

I'm supposed to have less books now. I have a Kindle and everything, I've had a major de-clutter, so why am I making impulse purchases of second hand paperbacks on eBay?

I do have one shelf of old paperbacks. I have all the Quatermass scripts in their original Penguin releases. I seem to be accumulating a few classic 1970s Panther science fiction books with their great Chris Foss covers, but more about those later.

And now I have these.

Four of the 1970s Target novelisations of some of the Doctor's classic adventures. I'm blaming this entirely on Paul from the TimeVault podcast and Brian from British Invaders.

They do look rather nice on the shelf though.


  1. I'm sad. I have all of them. My excuse is that I'm older. I was alive in the 1970s. Actually I have a hardback edition of The Crusaders from the 1960s. I was alive then too!

  2. That's not sad, so do i! My collection began in th 70s too :)

  3. They are rather nice aren't they?

  4. Well... you know how I feel about them already!