Saturday, March 3, 2012

Big Finish - The Curse of Davros

Big Finish monthly release 156 - The Curse of Davros with Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor, Lisa Greenwood as Flip, and Terry Molloy as Davros. Written by Jonathan Morris and directed by Nicholas Briggs.

An escape pod crashes in London and the Doctor meets up with Philippa "Flip" Jackson and her boyfriend, Jared. Before they know it they are thrown back to 1815, a field in Belgium and the eve of Waterloo. As always there are complications, and Davros and the Daleks are out to change the course of Earth history forever.

Colin Baker and Terry Molloy are on top form here. So much so that some of the other actors seem a little overpowered. As ever the point of a Davros story is the battle of wills between him and the Doctor, and this is no exception. The clash of the two characters gives us some great scenes, and Nick Briggs backs them up with his usual brilliant Dalek voices.

I did have a slight problem with this particular audio drama but it is difficult to discuss without giving away too many spoilers for this story. Let me just say that there is a twist and I heard it coming. Normally I do not get twists, nor do I spot the murderer in crime fiction and am usually surprised when the big reveal happens. However this one is signposted early on, and when it turned out to be exactly what I thought it would be I was a little disappointed with the story.

For that reason this is only going to get 3 out of a possible 5 Technicolour Dreamcoats. Next up is Doctor of the Fourth and Leela of the Sevateem up against The Renaissance Man.

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