Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Big Finish - The Fourth Wall

Big Finish release 157 - The Fourth Wall with Colin Baker as the Doctor and Lisa Greenwood as Flip Jackson. Written by John Dorney and directed by Nick Briggs.

The Doctor and Flip land on the planet of Transmission and find themselves caught up in a television show called Laser and the new technology which blurs the line between fact and fiction.

This is a story about creators meeting their creations and about writers not respecting their fictional characters (that is what John Dorney says on the CD extras so it must be true). There are several great scenes but the best is when the villain from the TV show, Lord Krarn, crosses over into reality and confronts the show-runner who came up with the casual notion that Krarn's wife had been killed by the show's hero. Martin Hutson turns in a fantastic performance as he transforms from a pantomime bad guy to a truly menacing individual. The way he changes his voice as he realises that everything he believed was just a throwaway bit of back story is great.

The Fourth Wall is another terrific Sixth Doctor story that gets a high flying 4 out of 5 question mark embroidered shirts. Next up is more from Nerva city and the dangers of Wirrn Isle.

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