Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pan and scan

More scans of the Doctor's chest.
This time it was the Big Finish forum which pointed out that the Ninth Doctor is x-rayed by Henry Van Statten in the episode Dalek. While Rose meets the chained Dalek the Doctor is stripped to the waist, strung up and scanned with something that looks a huge laser. Apparently this is a very painful procedure and while the Doctor screams Van Stratten marvels at the "binary vascular systems" which are shown in this scan. Click the image for a slightly larger version.
The scan is an odd mixture of echocardiogram and x-ray but it gives us just about everything we want to see. This time we get two beating hearts. They look a little small and high in the chest but that may be Gallifreyans for you.

New Who combines decent budget special effects and a more plausible depiction of anatomy. I still prefer the image from the Caves of Androzani but this is pretty good. However, the search for Doctor Who's radiological images continues, email me if you know of any more.

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