Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2000AD Prog 1871

The last issue of the Prog failed to impress me. Let's see how 1871 fares.

Cover by Jon Davis-Hunt
West Bromwich Albion's new keeper shows what it's going to take to keep them out of the relegation zone.

It's an arresting image and beautifully executed. Whether it would entice me to buy it off the shelf is more tricky. It does remind me of this rather obscure comic.

Judge Dredd: Squirm part 2 by Michael Carroll, Nick Dyer, Chris Blythe and Annie Parkhouse.

The investigation into the mutant tapeworm continues and we get some amusing parodies of reality television. I say amusing, but what I meant is lame. Taking aim at Simon Cowell is a bit passée now for the Galaxy's greatest comic.

The other thing that annoyed me about this episode is showing the other judges as idiots. It irks me when only Dredd and his small band of followers like Beeny, Logan and Sisulu are shown as competent and the rest of the men and women of the Hall of Justice are just there as red shirts, or as comic relief in the silent behind the glass sight gag in this episode. Firstly why would they keep that deadly creature alive, secondly why isn't it in some kind of airtight box, and then when it grows in size and gets out of control why don't any of the keystone kops pull a gun or a boot knife?

We're set up for a great cover next week but otherwise let's get this story out of the way as soon as possible.

ABC Warriors: Return to Mars part 10 by Pat Mills, Clint Langley and Annie Parkhouse.

Well the art style is consistent with last week. There's a huge cyber wolf thing which is new on me. Maybe it was there before but I wasn't paying attention and the big showdown with Mek-Quake is delayed again. It all means nothing to me.

Tharg's 3rillers: After the Vengence by David Bailie, Jon Davis-Hunt, Gary Caldwell and Ellie De Ville.
London has fallen, civilisation has come to an end, and cats and dogs are living together. Meanwhile Bodger and Badger are plotting who will rule the ruins. If the sign on the cinema is to be believed there will be plenty of cereal for them to throw around. It's not an unpromising start to the three parter although it hasn't grabbed me round the throat. Still I'll give this one a chance. Not quite sure how that guy maintains his Errol Flynn moustache in the ruins of civilisation though.

Terror Tales: The Icarus Incident by Kek-W, P.J.Holden and Simon Bowland
I quite like these monochrome stories that just introduce a single extra colour and the creepy green suits the air of weirdness. Of course as soon as the aged scientist says that time and space are all muddled up I could tell where it was going to go. Not bad as a filler though.

Grey Area: Rates of Exchange part 2 by Dan Abnett, Patrick Goddard, Abigail Ryder and Ellie De Ville

The derivative retread of Aliens continues leading to a huge pitched battle which conveniently takes place behind a blast door so we don't get to see any of it. And then there's a fairly weak throwaway punch line. I really want to like Grey Area but it's going to have to do better than this.

The whole Prog feels like filler while we tread water until the next jumping on issue in 1874. Pick of a poor bunch is the 3riller: After the Vengence for having a slightly intriguing setup.

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