Tuesday, March 18, 2014

London Super Comic Con 2014

A quick dash through my haul from last weekend's LSCC, now in its third year with another big attendance especially on the Saturday which was pretty busy. Fortunately the aisles are wide and there is plenty of stuff to see. The big name guests didn't quite reach the heights of Stan Lee in 2012 and Neal Adams last year but there were some interesting people there and a couple of former art-droids from 2000AD. I picked up plenty of back issues and got a couple of comics signed.

Here's Alan Davis with my copy of Prog 350. A slightly unusual picture because Mr Davis appears to be smiling.

He also signed Prog 352 as well.

Dave Gibbons the Watchmen artist was there and signed his iconic Rogue Trooper cover for me.

Mr Gibbons was at the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund stand so I picked up the special edition print he has done for the fund. Here you go:

The other artist I was glad to meet was Garry Leach who was the original artist on Alan Moore's revival of Marvelman/Miracleman in Warrior back in the 1980s. He was signing at the Orbital Comics booth and I got him to sign his cover for issue 2.

Another Warrior artist Paul Neary was a late addition to the guest list so I got him to sign the same cover next to his Madman character. He then presented me with a Madman print as well. Bonus.

As ever I had a splendid time at the Con and met up with some old friends including the guys from the Comic Geek Speak podcast and the 2000AD forums. Sign me up for 2015 now!

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