Friday, June 13, 2014

2000AD - Prog 1884

Cover is by Neil Roberts and my goodness it's bright. The geriatric ED-209 is nicely done, although it isn't immediately obvious which story it comes from. The yellow text is probably the best colour to stand out against all that red but it does make the title look rather anonymous again. At least the blue and white logo pops out on the top left of the page. Were Tharg and his droids holding back with the Jonathan Ross quote until they had a suitable cover image?

Judge Dredd: Trauma Town part two by Michael Carroll, Nick Percival and Annie Parkhouse
Mega-City One appears more like Zombie town with Percival's riveting artwork, and Dredd's body on Doctor Heisenberg's table looks like he's already died at least once (which I guess he has).

The last panel suggests that it's a psychic attack that has been giving Dredd those troubling visions so any psychiatric explanation or further explorations of his mental landscape will probably be dropped. Pity, but you can't damage the goose that lays the golden egg. Physical scars are OK, not so much the mental ones.
Still good to see Joyce maturing as one of Dredd's regular sidekicks.

Grey Area: Nearer my God to thee part one by Dan Abnett, Mark Harrison and Annie Parkhouse
Another story with some disturbing visions but of the religious variety this time. A first episode so difficult to say too much about the story yet but Mark Harrison does more interesting things with the art. The image of the ETC team in front of their drop ship (or whatever it's called) is particularly good.

Slaine: A simple killing part eleven by Pat Mills, Simon Davis and Ellie De Ville
The axe man cometh and slices and dices while the academics moan and whine. Davis' art gives more of a sense of movement this time with Slaine in mid flight, although the panel of him standing on the giant's shoulder looks a bit odd. Does Slaine have warp spasms any more? I would have thought six giants would be enough of an incentive.

Tharg's 3rillers: In seconds flat part two by Eddie Robson, Andrew Currie, Abigail Ryder and Ellie De Ville
More cartoonish diversion in the middle of the prog as the 3riller gets the exposition out of the way. "Stop trying to kill my boyfriend, you alien git!" wins the previously unheralded award of line of the week.

Indigo Prime: Perfect day part five by John Smith, Lee Carter and Simon Bowland
Really, I have no idea what is going on but doesn't it look pretty? Massive red and yellow explosions mimic the cover colours as OAPs in battle suits shoot up fairground attractions and completely miss their intended targets while moaning about their back pains and wishing for a cup of tea. It's not often you get to write a sentence like that in a review so brownie points for this strip.

Pick of the Prog is still Dredd but it's a curiously quiet week.

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