Sunday, June 19, 2016

Adventures in podcasting: 4

Counting the cost

Let's face it podcasting is not cheap. Only a small minority of all the 'casts out there actually generate income. I knew right from the start that Mega City Book Club was going to cost money, it is a passion project because it's fun to talk about the things you enjoy with like minded people. Find the things that make you happy and do them, that's what the psychologists tell us. Good advice.

My running total for spend on domains, hosting, and various bits of hardware and software is just over £300, but I reckon that could have been reduced to at least half that amount or even closer to £100 for just a Yeti and the domain and hosting, Owning the domain is nice but even that could be dumped for something like "". Luckily I can afford a few extras.

I've decided that my podcast won't be looking for freebies or sponsorship, and I won't be running adverts, or asking listeners for donations.This is a go it alone type project. Of course there is my justgiving page for cancer research UK but that is just there and hasn't really attracted any donations from the podcast yet. We'll see how that goes.

But the major expense for a book club show has to be buying the books. I've already exceeded the space on my 2000AD shelf and there are more volumes on the way. The best way to keep up with what has been picked so far is on the Facebook page. I have a lot of this in digital through the 2000AD apple app but I am finding it is easier to make notes from hard copy editions so there has been a certain amount of double dipping. The good news is that I now have at least 15 books to read and then set up a recording date with my guest, so stay tuned. I will be in touch in the coming months.

The third episode with Jim Moon discussing the Cursed Earth will be out next week, then I will be probably be sticking to a four week release schedule after that. We'll discover how that goes as well.

Stay tuned and thank you for your attention so far.

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