Sunday, July 20, 2014

Big Finish - Survivors

Brian, my co-host on the British Invaders podcast, convinced me that I should try Big Finish's Survivors boxset and I wasn't disappointed.

The original Terry nation series was one of the great pieces of seventies television. A terrible world where the self sufficiency of the Good Life had become a matter of life and death. Big Finish have kept the original setting and woven a story that includes characters from the originals and introduces new ones as well. 

As ever with fictional apocalypses the story offers both theory and practice of different models of survival. This is best demonstrated here by the performance of Adrian Lukis as James Gillison, a former sociology lecturer who has a vision of a perfect co-operative community that slowly goes wrong as he morphs from savior to something much worse.

It goes with saying that the performances are good, and the sound design and terrifying music by Nick Briggs are perfect. Of course it's great to have the original theme tune up there but the strange background music really builds mood and suspense.

I'm delighted that Big Finish are getting so many new licences and doing great things with them. Long may they continue, and I look forward to future releases in the Survivors range. This is a five star production all round. Highly recommended.

You can hear what Brian and I made of the original TV series here.

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