Friday, May 6, 2011

Fringe benefits

I've being watching the US TV series Fringe (I know, I should be watching British Invaders stuff). It's a pretty good series but it's basically the X-Files.

A special FBI unit referred to as the Fringe division investigate a wide variety of paranormal events. Sounds like the X-Files right? There are stand-alone monster of the week episodes and then there are others which link to a wider conspiracy type invasion plot. Does that sound familiar at all? There are super soldier experiments, shape-shifters, killer mutants and mind control experiments. Did I mention that it's the X-Files?

To be fair the show creators are fairly open about their debt to Mulder and Scully. If you listen to the full length version of the theme tune the recognisable X-Files music can be heard noodling away in the middle eight. There's even one episode where the unit's boss (he happens to be a stern bald guy - who's a bit like another stern, bald guy) has to appear in front of a congressional committee who refer to previous cases with an "X designation". They also share the trope of having the politicians closing down the unit in the last episode of the series only to re-open the files at the start of a new season.

Anyway, it's a fun series. There's a great mad scientist with a dodgy past and a bit of a swiss cheese memory. And like the Lone Gunmen he's an expert in absolutely everything. There's lots of dodgy medicine which is expertly dissected in this blog.

It rates fairly highly on the scoff-o-meter but I like it.

ps. it's the X-Files

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