Saturday, May 14, 2011


To hammer home the similarities between Fringe and the X-Files the production team moved to Vancouver for the second season. Much of the X-Files was shot there as well and certain locations crop up in both shows.

About 5 or 6 years ago we took a family holiday to Vancouver and had a good time there. We wanted to do a city tour of some description, possibly something a little different than the standard tour. When we were in Toronto we did the Hippo bus tour which is an amphibious bus ride! So when I read in the Vancouver guide book about a company that offered "X-Tours" of the city I booked us up.

We were promised a limousine ride so were a bit disappointed when a guy turned up at the hotel driving a small family car and told us the limo was being repaired. He then drove us round the city to see all the major sights including Stanley park as well as stopping every now and then to point out an alley way that Mulder and Scully had run down. We saw the famous Ovaltine diner which has now been used in both shows. For some reason he also pointed out where his bank was and the gym he went to. It was a bit weird!

The slightly spooky nature of the tour was confirmed when he took us back to his apartment, the exterior of which was used as Scully's home in the series. Feeling a little bit uncomfortable we were shown in to his lounge where he moved his mother off the sofa so we could sit down and watch DVD clips of his building turning up in the X-Files!

It was entirely innocent and charming in a way, but Susan and Jenny have never quite forgiven me!

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