Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Challengers of the Unknown

It's that time again. I've found another challenge of the "let's encourage daily blog posting variety". I'm aware that the new movie Contagion refers to blogging as "just graffiti with punctuation" but what the heck, I like writing about this stuff and the daily challenge aspect is fun. So it's a more general science fiction subject and here are those 30 categories.

Day 1 - Favourite Sci-Fi Movie
Day 2 - Favourite Sci-Fi TV Series
Day 3 - Favourite Sci-Fi Book/Story
Day 4 - Best Sci-Fi Heroine
Day 5 - Best Sci-Fi Hero
Day 6- Best Sci-Fi Villain
Day 7 - Best Non-human character
Day 8 - Best Robot / Android
Day 9 - No. 1 Sci-Fi Hottie
Day 10 - Which sci-fi universe/reality would you most like to live in?
Day 11 - Fave space film/series
Day 12 - What's your Yeah I know it's rubbish but I LOVE it sci-fi film?
Day 13 - What's your favourite flavour of Star Trek?
Day 14 - An under-rated sci-fi gem
Day 15 - Which Spaceship would you most like to own/fly?
Day 16 - A great quote!
Day 17 - Best use of SFX on the big screen
Day 18 - Best use of SFX on the small screen
Day 19 - Empire or Rebel Alliance?
Day 20 - What's the best adaptation of a sci-fi book/story?
Day 21 - Fave alien invasion movie/series
Day 22 - Coolest alien race
Day 23 - It's party-time! Which sci-fi character are you going to dress-up as then?
Day 24 - Who's the No. 1 captain?
Day 25 - Funniest sci-fi (intentional or otherwise)
Day 26 - Best battle scene
Day 27 - Who are the nastiest bad guys?
Day 28 - A great sci-fi B-Movie
Day 29 - Best pre 1980s sci-fi
Day 30 - To finish we need a great tune for the end credits - what's your favourite sci-fi theme?

Watch this space, starting soon.

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