Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 1 - Favourite Sci-Fi Movie

Straight in with a big question. What's your favourite science fiction movie ever? I went to my somewhat limited shelf space to look at the possible contenders and one film almost lifted me off my feet and slapped me around the face slowly while shouting "Wake up!".

This film has a special place in my memories. I remember walking through Leicester with a group of college friends on the way to see Blade Runner on its release in September 1982. The poster was one of the first things we put up in our student house. I had the Vangelis soundtrack on constant play for ages, and when Susan and I set up house together we even tried to find drinking glasses like the ones in Deckard's apartment.

It is a complicated film with all sorts of baggage in its history. It wasn't a very happy shoot for the production team. Harrison Ford doesn't like to talk about the film and describes his character as a detective who doesn't do any detecting, although I would disagree with that. There's also the troublesome voice over, the tacked-on ending using footage from The Shining, and Sean Young at the height of her crazy movie career. Plus there are seven different versions of this film which has been tinkered with nearly as often as Star Wars.

Yet despite all that it's a great film, with a fantastic atmosphere, and fascinating imagery. I love the future world depicted in Blade Runner, the sets are great, Rutger Hauer has never been better, and the climax of the movie in and on top of the Bradbury building is just great.

Blade Runner is my favourite science fiction film of all time.

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