Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 29 - Favourite alien race or planet

This challenge draws towards its conclusion with a consideration of the various alien races and their planets that have cropped up in British Invaders so far. There are quite a few funny aliens in Hyperdrive and HHGG. I'm watching Space: 1999 at the moment and there's almost a new alien every week, and I haven't even got to their tame Metamorph in season two yet. But clearly the show with widest range to pick from is Doctor Who, and I think it's appropriate to return to the key show in British science fiction TV for the last two days of this challenge.

I started to run through some of my favourite monsters from Doctor Who but all the time a mechanical voice in my head kept repeating Daleks, Daleks, Daleks! Yup, it's the archetypical alien race from the archetypical show. Volumes have been written about them over the years, and about whether or not they make sense. I won't add much to more to the debate other than to say they scared me as a kid in classic Doctor Who and I also like what has been done with them in the new Who (well, for the most part. Let's not think about the Daleks take Manhattan storyline). And when you combine the Daleks with their incredibly creepy creator Davros, things just get worse (or better).

The best alien race on British television are the implacable exterminators from Skaro.

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