Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 23- sexiest character

It's time to return to my teenage years again, and to my questionable taste. Servalan first appeared in Seek-Locate-Destroy, the sixth episode of Blake's 7 which was first broadcast in February 1978 when I was sixteen. And sixteen in 1970s money is the same as about thirteen now, or maybe I was just a late developer.

Anyway there was something very alluring about Jacqueline Pearce's performance as Servalan. Maybe it was her short, dark hair. I know I had a similar crush on Julie Covington's cropped haired character in Rock Follies. Or maybe it was the white robes and other operatic outfits that did it for me, her first appearance was just a few months after we had seen Princess Leia in a very similar white outfit

I look back now and think that Pearce's performance went for the top and then cleared it by some distance but it doesn't make any difference. I thought Servalan was very sexy, I still do.

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  1. Interesting. When I was younger I never found Servelan sexy, I think she was just a little too fierce for me. Quite a few years later, I can see her appeal but even so...

    My favourite Jaacqueline Pearce story is from when I went to the MidCon '91 convention in Leicester. Alongside Ms Pearce, the two other main guests were Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant.

    Having been up until 3am in the hotel bar with Colin (he doesn't remember this of course but I did mention it when I met him again at the recording of BFs The Crimes of Thomas Brewster last year, just in case) I was more than slightly hungover (as was he) and standing outside the main room for Colin and Nicola's panel.

    Colin and Nicola were walking towards the main room and saw Jacqueline Pearce approaching from the other direction. "Sleep well, Jacs?" said Colin. Obviously sensing a massive crowd gathering watching her entrance, she stopped dead in her tracks, did a theatrical spreading of her arms, rolled her eyes magnificently and boomed: "FUCKING AWFUL, DAHLING!". She promptly air-kissed the pair of them and swished off down the corridor for breakfast, waving back at the crowd with a mischievous smile on her face.

    Needless to say, her panel was pretty much as flamboyant as that, liberally sprinkled with true Saxon. Memorable :)